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The power of expertise

  • for harmonizing lab techniques
  • for setting up technical recommendations from scientific evidence
  • for enhancing quality control
  • for validating test results in cooperation with the clinicians

Our competence in communicating and broadcasting of scientific and technical information

  • for organizing scientific conferences in conjunction with IVD manufacturers
  • for organizing the national scientific congress
  • for participating in the continued professional training of paramedical
  • professions
  • for developing vocational relationship between its members and related foreign societies

Representation of our profession at governmental level

  • to defend our interests vis-à-vis the governmental authorities, the medical
  • corporation and the health insurance agencies


 A structured organization

  • It’s members are laboratory professionals working at clinics, governmental and private labs both academics and laboratory technicians
  • The board reflects the society’s composition of different professions and is the executive committee


The national scientific societies as:

  • The national medical corporation

The international scientific societies as:

  • IFCC: International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
  • FESCC: Federation of European Societies of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (geographical Europe)
  • EC4: European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EU Europe)
  • European national societies like SFBC, DGKCLM

IVD Industries

  • The manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostic reagents